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Snowstorm on January 22-24, 2016
Thanks for entering the contest to forecast the snow totals.

All of the entries can be found HERE. You can see see how close you were to the winners and how you did.  You can also see the data at the bottom for the average, median, standard deviation, max, and min for each location.

Great job to the winners who were:

DCA: Actual 17.8"
Winners: Rex Block (17.7") and waterbear (17.9")

IAD: Actual 29.3"
Winners: sbubt58 (29.2") and  Rex Block (29.4")

BWI: Actual 29.2"
Winners: trickybizz (29.3") and Cyclogenesis (29.3")

Smolinski's House (Carroll County MD): Actual 28"
Winners: Brightside (28"), FallsChurchSnoBird (28"), and Gigielle (28")

RIC: Actual 11.4"
Winners: Smolinski (11.5") and ronbweather (11.5")

Cumulative closest across all locations, top 5:
1. a.vagueanswer: 8.2"
2. scrabblegirl: 10.2"
3. ronbweather: 11.4"
4(tie). SSB: 11.5"
4(tie). sbubt58: 11.5"


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March 2015
By Xtrain21

Winter Storm luvhh
By Snowbi-wan Kenobi
The winners of the WS luvhh1 contest are as follows:  

IAD, 8.9 inches actual:  
SnowBROette, 8.6 inches.  

DCA, 2.6 actual:  
Nobody guess 2.6, but three people guessed 2.5 and three guessed 2.7. I guess technically the winners are the three who guessed 2.5 since they didn't go over.  
Congrats to: TKPKWeatherFan, David_J_Mitchell, and WashCoWeatherNut  

CDS, 7.25 actual:  
We have two winners who guessed the exact amount!  
Talitha and kardiac.  

Actual total accumulation across all three locations: 18.75 inches  
Winner: waterbear, 19 inches  
Biggest loser: luvhh1, our storm's namesake!, 3.9 inches  

Actual total for airports: 11.5 inches  
Winner: Xtrain21, 11.2 inches  
Biggest loser: jimmyjuice, 1.5 inches
Congrats to all the winners! Your acceptance speech must include a snow haiku or a snow parody (assuming you don't want to give up your first born!)  
Winter Storm Owl of Sleepy Hollow Contest
by Xtrain21

*** ALERT ***
Here are the winners of the Winter Storm Owl Of Sleepy Hollow snow totals contest:

At DCA the winner was eric654 who guessed 5.0" compared to the actual total of 4.7" Congratulations, you win AU's certified referee skills for any domestic dispute or workplace dispute. He has red cards at the ready to boot any co-workers, family, or friends you wish.

At IAD, the winner was Xtrain21, as he/I guessed 4.0" compared to the observed total of 3.9". Congrats to myself, you win a free year subscription to CWG. Enjoy. I will, thanks. Your welcome. No problem.

At Casa-De-Smolinski, the winner is Questsnow who guessed 2.8", compared to the actual total of 2.5". Congrats! You win free four years of college tuition, the only thing is, in the fine print says: YOU MUST ATTEND A COLLEGE IN A WARM CLIMATE WITH NO SNOW . So tough choice for you there....think it over.

For the overall closest contest, well, looks like Xtrain21 won again today! Only 1.2" off total for all three locations. Wow that guys is awesome huh? Congrats, you win $20,000, just transfer the money in your account to your account. Now you have to pay taxes on your own money since it is viewed as prize winnings by the IRS. Doh.

The biggest loser was OSCARGO who was off by a combined 44.1" on all three locations. That takes talent, well done.

Thanks to all the people who participated, it was fun watching what you all guessed for this one!!

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